Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crazy Lady At Somerfields

Jim and I went out to Somerfields to get some ingredients for his marvelous meatballs and pasta recipe. Now this is normally a stressful experience as it's always busy, and the queuing system is terribly annoying ("Form Three Lines"... well if there was space for three lines we would!).

Today's trip was worse than usual as someone had tired up their cocker spaniel outside the shop and it was barking it's heart out. The barks drilled into your brain... luckily Jim and I arrived at a checkout just as it opened and Mr Cute But Dim checkout boy began to scan our goods through (he's lovely just don't ever pay in change... you'll be there for a week). Just as Jim handed over his money a woman pushed in behind him and "asked" whether she could jump the queue as she "had been waiting a long time and my dog is really annoying everyone". By the time she'd finished the sentence she'd already started unpacking much to the queues displeasure...

Now let me just say that already she'd broken two cardinal rules of public ettiquette:

1) her dog was obviously badly trained and was barking it's head off in public causing much distress and bemusement. In my opinion she should not have drawn any further attention to herself and been extremely apologetic and unintrusive (i.e. she should not have pushed in the queue and just kept her head down)

2) she broke the most cardinal rule of British life; do not queue jump. If the British had written the Ten Commandments this would have been the first, second and third.

So when someone in the queue pointed out they had been waiting a long time too you would of thought she'd have been meek and apologetic. Nope.

"Maybe someone should mind their own business".

I'm glad I was out the door two seconds after that comment as if I'd been in the queue behind her I might have lamped her one. Or two. Perhaps a drop kick as well.

How can someone think they could get away with being so obnoxious and impolite? But as Jim pointed out it proved the rule that there is no such thing as a bad dog; just a bad owner.

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