Friday, October 19, 2007

Bobbing Along The Thames

Last night was a proper night out with work. Several reasons for it including Bonnie’s leaving do, celebration of our rebranding and launch of our new website and reaching a million pounds of sales with one of our newest suppliers.

We left work at 6 and all 40 off us caught the overground to Waterloo and then wandered, en masse, to Embankment Pier. After some wandering up and down the embankment to find our boarding point we eventually found our boat… the High Society.

We boarded and found a bar on the lower deck and a seating, dancing and eating area on the upper deck. As I could barely stand in the lower deck I spent much of my time up with the dancing peoples.

My boss decided to put my iPod on the sound system but after listening to “Brave Sir Robin” from Spamalot and some of the Monkees finest selection (I’ve got eclectic tastes… so sue me!) they decided someone elses iPod would be more appropriate. He he… We had some food and then some speeches. During the speeches we were told that although all of us had really made an effort, four people deserved special credit, and should step forward to claim an envelope. One person each from Marketing, Accounts and Technology were called forward and I sat there applauding and not really thinking I’d put in much of an effort to be in the running… and then my name was called! Wow. I won two “ecoupons” as is our company slang which grant me a day off work and/or £50 worth of HMV vouchers. We can’t decide whether it’s one or both as there are no terms or conditions. I’m hoping for both! ;)

Then we had a very brief lasting attempt at Karaoke where Phil showed us he had an amazing voice as he sung to Bonnie, our new CEO sung “I Touch Myself” and then we kind of gave up.

I drunk loads of spirits as Kasey and I spent our time getting each other random drinks (mmm… Navy Rum… *throws up*) Sadly our time cruising up and down the Thames was over before I knew it and I wandered to Waterloo with Paul before heading home. Despite having a horrid hangover this morning I wasn't too bad off... I hear the evening got incredibly messy after that.

I've uploaded some of the photos to Facebook and you'll see some links there if you're quick!


  1. The boat ride sounds like fun. And the fact you remember so much of it means you were being quite temperate -- if not absolutely tee-total.

    The new office site looks fine and what a good idea to offer flowers. I bet there's a huge markup there. All it lacks is a department selling those airline-style liquor miniatures to hide in ones desk for emergencies. With overnight delivery, too. It would be a winner.

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