Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beer and Totty

Works policy of only having work drinks in the office kitchen is over... and we are allowed back down the pub every once in a while. First up this week is the Wheatsheaf... free beer, loose talk with colleagues and fun times. I learnt more about those work colleagues who joined the kitchen rule came in, than I've learnt about in all the months they've worked for the company.

Today Jim and I have taken a walk through Greenwich (although we didn't see this hero), saw the market, got ripped off in the old fashioned sweet shop and had a buffet lunch in Vietnam. Yum.

Found this website today. Love it, and found some very interesting edits made by my work colleagues while at work. Cheeky.

Supernatural is back. Jensen Ackles. I can't convey how sexy I think he is. There are no words.

And for Steve, Bret Harrison from Reaper...


  1. I’ a gay woman but even I have to admit to the cuteness of Jensen Ackles. My mate got me into Supernatural, amazing show.

    S x

  2. ......buffet lunch in Vietnam

    That place rocks. That has to be the best buffet lunch around.

  3. I am COMPLETELY with you on Jensen Ackles. Too sexy for words. I enjoyed the Supernatural season premiere last night, and am looking forward to the rest of the season!