Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Toe Tapping To A Homophobic Beat

I hate hypocritical conservatives (small c!) who fight against gay rights in the day time and mess around with other blokes in the night time. These guys deserve to be brought down. However I believe the place for the destruction of their careers is in the political theatre, where their hypocrisy can be highlighted fully and the folly of homophobia can be shown to the population at large.

In America this is not what is happening.

I've read about the eighties and early nineties in gay Britain. I know one of the major bugbears of our community was the "pretty cop"... a cop whose job it was to entrap gay men into committing acts of public indecency. This policy was introduced for reasons of prejudice and removed for reasons of fairness and because police resources should be spent on more important things (such as stopping teenagers murdering each other in our streets).

In America it continues... and when a Republican hypocrite is caught out by it in public restrooms they are duly abused. But reading much of the liberal press and blogs over there and watching my beloved Daily Show, they don't seem to be abusing them because they are hypocrites. Nor does anyone seem slightly worried that their police are spending times accosting men in public restrooms rather than them spending time protecting their communities.

In fact I can almost smell a whiff of homophobia leaking into the commentaries and news stories. "Ewww... he was cruising for sex with men in a public restroom, how disgusting". "What a pervert". You get the picture.

I'm going to admit, as I have done before, I went cruising as a teenager (back when under 18 sex was illegal). No harm done. No one was hurt. I just cannot see what the problem is. I can understand problems occuring when cruising grounds become so busy that other peoples rights to a quiet stroll in the park are destroyed. I can understand it if someone is openly accosted at a urinal (something which to me is breaking one of the greatest social taboos in the world, if someone tried that on me [except Charles Dera] they'd get a piece of my mind). But someone tapping their feet under a toilet stall wall? That's code, developed to avoid annoying heterosexuals. So what is the big damn problem people???

Make fun of these bastards for their hypocrisy. But get over your twee moral dislike of cruising... no ones making you do it!

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  1. I agree with this 100%! Another thing I hate is when they labeled him "Gay". He is married, says he and his wife have sex, which makes him Bi. Gay men don't sleep with woman. They need to get that correct!