Sunday, October 28, 2007

SHOCKER: Idiot Blackmailers Attempt To "Smear" Britains Least Respectable Family!

Now most people know I'm a Royalist, and I love our Royal Family. But I love them warts and all, and admit they are not perfect. So I find it quite humourous that some people thought they could try to blackmail a member of the Royal staff with evidence of possible use of drugs and involvement with sex acts. Hilarious!

Maybe these people don't know that sex, drugs and pretty much every other scandal possible has already been and gone when it comes to the British Royal Family and they are still around. Did they really expect a Royal aide to give in to their demands? This is the Royal Family we are talking about here, any aide with brains would know it'd be less pain to report the blackmail attempt then to attempt to go along with it. The implications of allowing themselves to be blackmailed whilst working for the Windsors would probably see them put away for years. Nobody is stupid enough to risk that.

If anyone out there thinks our royals are squeaky clean they are dreaming... they are just as human (and thus messed up) as the rest of us. Just think about Lord Frederick Windsor. (Ok, I'm not saying he's messed up as it was cocaine... Jesus I wish these rich people in London would at least do something original with their lives. Cocaine is so common! Sometimes I think I'm the only person in London who hasn't done it!)

Now think about Prince Harry and Prince William. In uniform. Or out. Whatever your preference. Yum. Now you see why I'm a Royalist! Gordon Brown and Ed Balls ain't half as appealing!

EDIT: Well Google has spoken and it looks like a lot of people have a feeling Lord Frederick is involved somehow. Google hits to my site are always so informative on what some people are thinking out there. Within just a few moments of posting a story I can usually get a good feel what the web savvy public think.


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  2. freedom to prosper10:05 am

    Our Queen has children by three different men. Nobody bats an eyelid but if she was claiming benefits and lived on a sink estate there would be hell to pay. (Hang on a minute she is in receipt of public money)If somebody called Fred was being blackmailed over sex and drugs in Wigan do you think they would have a news blackout for two months and hearings in camera? No thought not. Bring back Oliver Cromwell.
    PS are you 6'8"?

  3. Which Queen has children by three different men?? Why would there be hell to pay if she was claiming benefits, plenty of people are single mums claiming benefits and it's not exactly frowned upon (anymore, and as my Mum was a single teenage Mum claiming benefits at one point here, here to the not being frowned at!).

    And Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas, now sure he was better than Charles I but that's not saying much.

    And yeap I'm 6'8".

  4. freedom to prosper7:46 pm

    The current Queen Elizabeth 11 has four children. The first two are Philips the next two were by two other employees.
    for photos of their natural fathers
    keep up the good work

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