Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I Can See!

Today I made a giant leap... I went to the opticians.

When I was younger I never had any problems with my sight but gradually, through my jobs in call centres and offices, my eyesight has become very, very bad. I went to the optician and got some glasses two years ago but as I wasn't too fussed with the glasses and wore them only inside I eventually destroyed them through Jae style wear and tear.

Unable to watch television any longer, nor able to read the train departures board, I decided it was time to give in to the inevitable and get some new glasses. I booked an appointment with Vision Express (all very hassle free, they had appointments free the very next day after booking) and today headed into Lewisham to get my eyes looked at.

The optician was friendly, if a little worried about how bad my eyesight was, and I was soon picking glasses out. My cunning plan to save money at glassesdirect.co.uk was foiled by the pleasantness of the Vision Express staff.

I was expecting to choose the glasses then come back a few days later for a fitting. Nope... they told me to come back in an hour, so I headed home, got breakfast and then headed out to pick up my glasses. They fit perfectly first time and I walked through Lewisham amazed by how much I could see... it's very easy to get used to bad eyesight.

I can now sit in my 5th floor office and almost read the bus registration numbers in the bus station below. Almost... I'm not superman even though I do now look a bit more like Clark Kent... *cue picture of Tom Welling, I knew I could work this in here somewhere...*

And on another more puerile note... I can now perve way more efficiently. Yay!


  1. You'll need to show us your new specs. trendy frames I hope. I broke one of my pairs recently when wrestling with the cat. (no, not a euphemism) most distressing.


  2. Yes! I agree with Doyler: we need to see, too! ;)

  3. Well maybe I might take a picture at the weekend... although I have been told these glasses make me look more intelligent and/or younger so I don't know if they are stylish...

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