Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tempus Fugit

So I've been off work for two days now and they've bloody flown past! Perspective of time really does change as you grow older and it only ever seems to go by faster. Except, of course, at bloody work.

Not only that but I just saw that my first crush, a boy who was 17 when I first saw him, is now 27!! 27!!! I wish I had a magic stopwatch with which I could stop time. It's extremely annoying to find time has whizzed past you whilst you weren't paying attention.

So what have I been doing with my days off so far? Being productive? NEVER! Work was too stressful for my liking so I randomly too days off to simply do nothing at all... I've watched loads of DS9 Season 6 (my Star Trek obsession is back!), seen a few nature documentaries (my nature obsession remains) and am about to watch Wrong Turn 2 (well, Dear Constant Reader, you know I love a good horror!).

Ah... bliss. Now I just need a Tardis or something so on Sunday I can come back and do all this again.


  1. miss v12:39 pm



    Am glad you are taking a litle time off, Mister Oracle. Even though it disturbs me somewhat thinking about how they manage without you at work... (and i mean 'disturbs' as in 'amuses').

    Also, a) Wrong Turn 2? 'Good horror'? Really?!; b) do you randomly put pictures of haaawwt guys in your post or is there an actual link that somehow escapes my confused brain?; and c) did you think i'd leave you from my rambly questions for long? Did you? Did you?...:P Just checkin'.

  2. Vy... I miss you already!

    a) Wrong Turn 2 was rubbish. Darn it.
    b) Nope... just random gorgeous men. It makes me smile.
    c) No. No one ever leaves me alone. The random questions always return to haunt me. ;)

  3. Anonymous8:25 pm

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