Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tories Want To Complete The Breakup Of The UK

Sometimes I think even the Tories wouldn't go to some of the places they go to. Pander to the nouveux rich rather than their normal middle class base? Check. Continue to use xenophobic and childish language in the immigration debate? Check. But continue the break up of this United Kingdom begun under Labour? Surely they wouldn't go that far?

After all it was only in 1997 that their manifesto included a section on "Nationhood" a belief in maintaining our Union as one country rather than devolving power to all the different nations (of whom there are far more than just the 4 big ones!). They wouldn't stoop so low as to pander to the "English" who wish to see hundreds of years of Union destroyed, that'd be quite some u-turn.

Oh, who am I kidding... of course they'd stoop that low! It's the Tories after all, they have no scrupples about trashing patriotic policies in favour of nationalistic ones just to get elected.

At least Labour have been consistent (and honest) with their policies towards the nations over the last 30 years (even if I do so very much disagree with them) whilst the Tories flip flop desperately seeking the golden policy that'll finally get them the power they crave so much. A vote for Tory is a vote against principles.


  1. Anonymous9:53 am

    I am no conservative supporter, but it IS crazy that English MPs cant vote on Scottish issues, but Scottish MPs can vote on English issues!

    There have been a couple of times when the Scottish MPs votes have altered the result of an issue that was SOLELY to do with England. We might as well ask French MPs to vote on English items!

  2. I agree, it is crazy. The Labour Government have created quite a mess by making major changes to our countries political system but doing it in a stupid piecemeal way.

    However the Tories proposals only build on these flawed foundations. In my opinion either create an English Parliament (which I'd be dead set against, but would be fair, leaving Westminster to deal with Union issues) or return to our original system (which I sadly admit is about as likely as a flying pig). This "half measure" will only lead to further problems down the road when something else crops up.

    The West Lothian question has been around for decades and it'd be nice to finally put it to rest.

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