Sunday, October 22, 2006

You Know

So yesterday I headed into the deepest, darkest parts of Kent where monsters roam and the wild things are. Getting off the train (after a journey with a woman who said "You know" well over 300 times... I counted) in Westenhanger was refreshing; the station was empty and the walk into Lympne peaceful and personless. Strange, when you live in London you fall into this strange belief that the world is full of people. Lympne's full of cows.

I scared some innocent lady who was in my parents house looking after their new puppy Noodle. I don't think she was expecting a 6'9" bloke to walk up behind her and enquire as to why she was in the house... :)

The puppy is a Jack Russell and although cute barks endlessly...

I was pleased to get out of there and head into Folkestone. Went first to Cheriton and had some drinks with Henry at the Royal Cheriton, after which Zoe and Ray came and got me and we went out for dinner at Kalala. As we left lightening was striking in the hills worryingly regularly... Sam appeared and him and I headed to Safeways to get money... by the time we were about to head back to the car the rain had become torrential and within seconds the water was rushing past the car at the same height as the pavement kerb!!

Being driven by Sam is always an exciting experience (imagine strapping yourself to an unguided rocket) but during a downpour it's a bit scary! :)

We made it to Newington Town Hall for a Lib Dem Race Night! Alcohol, gambling and the Lib Dems... who'd've thought it? Had a good night.

Sam drove me back to Lympne where I didn't sleep at all due to the constant yap yap of the puppy...

It was nice to have a break from London and now I'm back a little refreshed...

Pictures of Tuxedo Jae and the Bonobo will follow tomorrow... but for now..


  1. Anonymous8:36 pm

    6 years, no accidents, you cant argue with that! 'Sam's Progressive driving' ' We'll get you there, but you might have a heart attack on the way'

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