Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Of Those Days

I'm having one of those days. Problems are still spilling over at work from last weeks mess up which is obviously stressing me out.

Then Jim's jsut told me the landlord is going to our flat today for kind of boiler service... flat is a mess. I'm sure we're supposed to have got 24 hour notice? Grr... so that's stressful.

And finally I'm not getting a lunch break today because I've got to go get fitted out for a tuxedo so I can then go to an awards ceremony I don't really want to go to next week. Which is stressing me out as well. I'm not the kind of guy who likes dressing up to start off with. People in tuxedos tend to be 1) common (I think tuxedos are probably the most common article of clothing you'll see on ITV for instance) and/or 2) rude so I'm not the biggest fan of the well dressed.

Plus I'm not exactly your normal guy (44 inch inside leg) so trips to a tailor or clothes hire shop are stressful in the extreme... I have this wonderful feeling that it's going to involve some jokes at my expense (tall jokes just crack me up...), some embarassment and a high likelihood that I won't be able to get one and will have to tell my manager which shall lead to more stress and GOD I HATE HAVING TO GO TO THIS THING... grr...

Now tonight I'm going to Chakalaka tonight... wish me luck as I'm sure something awful will happen... it's one of those days.


  1. Honey, surely Jeans are far more common and cliché than a tuxedo. I mean everyone in the World wears jeans don't they? Get that Tux man - you'll look very lush :o)

  2. When I mean common I don't mean their frequency of appearance. I mean COMMON. Either they are worn by chavs trying to look good or, worse, by nasty Nouveux Rich types who wouldn't know how to be classy even if they'd be given eloqution lessons.

    I hate looking lush...

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