Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sometimes I Wish I Was Straight

I love being gay. I really do. Men are so bloody gorgeous and Jim is a dream come true. In some of my lowest moments my sexuality was the only light in the dark.

However sometimes I'm sick to death of the "politics". I hate feeling constantly on the defensive when reading the news. I hate being hated by some religious nuts out there. I just hate the whole fact that other people make my sexuality a negative issue. I'm not saying I'm attacked personally (it'd be a foolish person who personally attacked me... the words "mashed" and "bloodied" come to mind) but the constant drip drip of hate in the news and in political debate is disturbing.

I can understand people who join the ex-Gay movement (although still don't really like them all that much)... they are seeking sanctuary, simplicity, certainty.

I want to help make a difference... I want things to change... I don't want anyone else to have to put up with idiotic hetrosexual prejudice.

That's why I've got a Voodoo doll of George W Bush and I've started poking him with needles... :oP


  1. Young Jae, I'm becoming a sycophant with all this agreeing lately - but once again, I'm with you 100% here matey.

  2. Lol Geroge deserves it! I say tear his head off! Anyways, don't regret that you're gay! I mean all the religious ppl who say that gays are against god, i have a question for them. Why would God make gays, and bi sexuals and lesbians, even exist if he didn't want them? So religios nuts, put that in your pipe and smoke it :P
    I love being bi-sexual, and those who are down with that, I've got 2 words for ya...SUCK IT!
    (sorry wwe momment)

  3. Anonymous9:59 pm

    prince(above is right)... nothing more to say.

  4. Anonymous12:39 am

    i really salute you guys who are brave enough to stand for their rights, knwing what they want. ppl have thoughts for that, maybe it might be harsh and disturbing, but they're always ppl who stand by your side. think about racist! sometimes we all got hated by who we are, so the deal is: no biggie! i wont chg myself for them! :D

  5. Hi there - trust me it becomes easier the older nad more cynical you become. Most of my contemporaries have reached that wonderful state of not giving a damn any more what straight people think.

    Keep smiling and stay positive



  6. Anonymous10:52 pm

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