Tuesday, October 24, 2006

People Are Stupid

Ever watch an episode of Star Trek and think, "Humanity has a chance"? If you have you are woefully idealistic. There's mountains of paper filled with writings about the wonder of humanity, how beautiful, intelligent and wonderful we all are. Let's face facts people; we are nothing more than animals. Sure individually some people might rise above that. But the human race as a whole will never do so. Want some evidence?

Murder. The fact that people murder other people seems not to perplex anyone at all; "It was a revenge killing" "Oh well that explains it". No it doesn't! Murder is completely incomprehensible. Check out this story. Does this not lead anyone else to believe the world might be a better place if we all just disappeared?

There's been several stories this month about people using their car navigator. It isn't the fact that these people followed the instructions to the letter. It's that they follow through with them!! So you turn onto the motorway facing the wrong way because you weren't paying attention. Stupid and dangerous, yes. But forgivable. Then you continue to drive the wrong way in the fast lane... for twenty miles. Or in the case of this German man you drive through a building site, up a stairway and into the small toilet shack. And you think these are isolated incidents of stupidity? I work in customer service... trust me... people are dumb, lazy, arrogant, mean and deeply offensive.

Today I was on the train on the way home. At Deptford three girls got on. Normally I don't consciously judge people by their looks; but these girls were hideous. They got on and started talking (read shouting). One girl put her radio on. Full blast. Rap music. On a British train this is akin in offensiveness to taking out your breasts. She did turn it down so one of her friends could answer a phone. And when she got off she said "It was just Sandra".

"I turned my fucking radio down for that waste of space??"

"That's my mother you're talking about"

"I know... she's a fucking bitch".

Up the radio went.

I'm glad I was only on their for 40 seconds more... otherwise I would of had to grab their radio and smash it in their pug faces. Grrr... bastards... But you know I really wouldn't. I'm too polite.

Anyway I'm off back to Jae's fantasy land to escape from these idiots. Mmm... it's 1984 and Arnie's just finished on the set of the Terminator... oops... wasn't supposed to write that... ;op

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