Monday, October 09, 2006

The Stuff That Scares You

What scares you?

I wouldn't say I have any phobias really. When I say phobias I mean the kind that stop you from doing things; that are so powerful that they actually have a physical as well as mental affect on you. However I do have things that "concern" me.

For instance windows and doorways. I know it sounds silly. But I cannot sleep if the bedroom door is open. In fact if I'm left alone at home for a night I will make sure all the doors are closed. Similarly when I lived with my family if I was left alone for a weekend (as I was, gloriously, very often) I would ensure all the curtains in the house were pulled... all day long. I cannot stand the idea of windows. I hate looking out of them (if I want to see the outside... I can go outside) and I hate the very idea of someone looking in on me (especially at night).

One of my worst childhood memories is sleeping in an old monastery, on the ground floor with NO NET CURTAINS. Just window. And darkness. *shiver*

I really must overcome this, as it's a little silly. Last night I was watching Supernatural and one scene had a clown standing at a window... it was too scary for words...


  1. Dark windows are scary!!

  2. Clowns are inherently scary, though, so I can understand why a clown at a window could be so disturbing for you.

    Spiders and rejection scare me. While the latter, fortunately, rarely (if ever!) incapacitates me, my fear of the former is starting to alarm me...

  3. Oh now your phobia is the opposite to mine. I can't sleep unless the window is open and the curtain has a gap with the street light coming in.

  4. OMG, Jae baby, I so feel you on the door thing, although my phobia is slightly different. Mine is dark places, not a fear of the dark so much, but like, if I'm in bed and it's dark, and the closet is open... I can kind of see in my room (barely) but inside the closet is just completely devoid of light. Had that issue when I went to boston.... the kitchen has this "window" into the living room. Was trying to sleep in the living room, but seeing the void through the "window" creeped me out... so had to sleep elsewhere

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