Sunday, October 02, 2005

Reporting Live From San Francisco - Jason At The Argonaut

Friday morning, and we were awake so early!! We left the hotel and decided to walk to the Castro. Up Hyde we wandered, which is one long hill! We walked and we walked, until we made it to the Mission. Deciding we were too hungry to go, we stopped at It's Toms Diner and had a proper American breakfast. Ok. I concede, maple syrup does go with bacon and hot cakes are better than our flimsy pancakes. I apologise to every American who I've told otherwise.

As we had to go to Alcatraz and were now running late, we braved a MUNI streetcar. Easy to use, but Americans treat public transport more as an informal gathering than a way of getting anywhere. Loud, chatty... nice but quite disconcerting for a Brit! Got back in time for our ferry. Headed over to Alcatraz which was AWESOME! Really felt the atmosphere, and the history, there. Walking round the exercise yard with the mist rolling over us was actually rather spooky.

Got the ferry back, dropped our stuff off at the hotel (the Argonaut!). We caught the streetcar straight to the Castro. The huge pride flag flying in the sky signalled that we had arrived. Pride flags flew everywhere. It's truely a brilliant place. I wish Soho was half as good. And it felt so bitchfree. Porn was sold openly unlike here where it's hidden in dark corners (even Virgin on Market Street had gay porn there for all to see!). Had drinks at Harveys, Moby Dick and Badlands. Then we went to Orphan Andys for a nice meal. Caught a streetcar to Powell and took a cable car to the hotel. COOL!

Today went up to Market via a cable car, this time with me clinging on the side for dear life. Jim is soooo evil sometimes. ;o) Headed to Orphan Andys for breakfast,had some drinks at Harveys then went shopping near Powell. I've got new clothes! Cheap too!!! :o) Also got Monk season 2. Great!!!


  1. I used to live in California before I came here to the UK, but I never made it to Alcatraz. I guess that's good in a
    And public transportation over there is something you rather avoid if you can...anything can happen.

  2. Anonymous11:19 am

    I'm rather enjoying reading about this trip to San Francisco - so much so that I said to Gary we ought to go, but he's set on New York as our first US trip.


  3. Anonymous12:52 am

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