Friday, October 14, 2005

Fame At Last!

As is becoming standard, I put my iPod on as I shut the front door behind me and headed off to work. I switched on Bad Weeds San Francisco and wandered towards the station. Guess who got a mention? Little old moi! I sent an email in and it was read out, and Corkey "dedicated" the show to me. So sweet! Listen to it the show rocks.
Since I started working for an internet based company I have been quite shocked by how few people understand the concept of internet search. They seem to think that by typing words into the search box on Google or Yahoo the exact website they are looking for will appear. Looking for a contact number for a company? Hell just type in that company's name, click the first link that comes up, don't read anything about the website you have gone to and just phone the first number you see. I must take at least 10 calls a day where someone thinks we are some other company simply because we are the top result for that company's name on Google. How can they think this when our name is in inch high letters on the top of the page???? How can people not understand a basic search? No one has ever taught me how to use Google, so why on Earth do these people need me to tell them that Google searchs, while marvellous, aren't perfect? Grr.... rant over.
I went out on a work night out last night to Mish Mash in Clapham. Not a bad bar, with a drinkable Mojito and a gorgeous Long Island Ice Tea. YUM! Had a good time, it's just a shame I always feel the need to leave early to catch the train... when I'm totally ok financially I shall stay late, cos then I can get a taxi without worrying about the cost. Till then I'll be the boring sod.
Wandered to Clapham Junction listening to my iPod. I must of walked down every road around the station, peering through locked gates onto platforms filled with passengers for about 10 minutes before I found the way in. That was the way brightly lit with lights, and huge signs with the BR symbol on them, that I had walked past when I first caught sight of the platforms. I'm a dullard sometimes.
I'll be in Folkestone this weekend, if you are about and haven't heard from me call/text 07709 149 325 so we can arrang meeting times/places/people. See ya Sunday night. Unless I see something interesting to write about tonight...

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