Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What Happened Next...

Tuesday 27 September. Someone throws themselves under a train at New Cross thus delaying Jae by two hours. Grr... selfish suicidals... do it on your own time!

Wednesday. Went on a work night out to Soho, starting at the Alphabet Bar. It was okay. If it had been in Folkestone it's attempt at looking like someones attic would have been cool. But not in Soho thank you. We moved on to some red bar starting with R where Champagne was drunk and Vince and Bonnie gave me some San Francisco tips.

Nineish we went to the Blues Bar, where I tried to pimp off some Americans, Bonnie and Peter had a conker fight (COOL!) and I said goodbye to Kiwi Sam, who I shall not see for a while. He was cool. And his replacement looks nothing like Colin Farrell (name of Andrea).

Walked Paul down to his bus. Thing I love about Soho is that it's surrounded by roads I know so no matter how drunk/lost I get I can always appear knowledgeable by leading people to their destinations. By a very roundabout route. :o)

Thursday. The day without end. Got up at stupidaclock,and headed for Heathrow, where we discovered Virgin Atlantic wanted to charge me50quid because I'm so tall! Laughed in their face. Anyway when I got on the plane found they had movedus anyway to bulkhead seats. So they lied to try and get someone to pay for something they have to do anyway. BASTARDS! Flight was eleven long hours but thanks to entertainment system (Spaced, Will and Grace, League of Gentlemen Apocalypse, Tarnation, Little Britain,and MissCongeniality 2!) helped us through. And the service waslovely and a million meals were served so Virgin, I forgive thee!!!

San Francisco. Wow! It's America! There are Americans,and big cars, and big roads, and big everything!! We got to the Hotel at 4pm local time,but that's about midnight by my body clock, so we... went out again!!! Our hotel is lovely, the room is HUGE!I'm sure the bathrooms in another time zone. Fishermens Wharf is asexpected. Tacky but fun. Had some clam chowder at Boudins, where I was renamed Tayson. Was accosted by Japanese tourists who wanted their picture taken with me. I was in a good mood,but made themusemy camera as well (pics of me with them will follow!!!). Jim got had for a $20 shoe shine on his trainers. FOOL! Saw the seals off Pier 39 and enjoyed the views to Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thursday the 29th of September 2005 was 32 hours long. PHEW! It's 2am here, but I'mwide awake... ah!Fucked up body clock.

And this space bar... messed up!!!


  1. Duuuuuuuuuuude, sweeeeeeeet

  2. Anonymous11:18 am

    Hey I got delayed by that Idiot at New Cross as well.


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