Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Shitty Day

Don't you hate shitty days? The kind of days when things happen that piss you off but there is nothing you could have done about them?

First off work was boring, and there was lots of it to do, and everyone seemed a little snappy today. Which was stressing me out. Then I caught the train home and stood next to a lovely (thankfully defaced) sticker from the National Front "Homosexuality Causes AIDS The Queer Disease".

Yes a little homophobia is always gonna put a smile on my face as I plot the painfully slow deaths of each member of the NF.

Then I got home, dropped my iPod off and decided to go get some money out before the bank decided I couldn't have anymore. Joy! The cash machine allowed me money! Wandered back home, and just as I got to the bottom of my street two boys stopped me and attempted to corner me, and then proceeded to try to rob me. Guys... please. I'm twice your height. Did you really think it was gonna succeed? What was going through your head? I'm not stupid! Kicked them away and proceeded home thinking "What a shitty day".


  1. Hey Jae, when can we come for a visit?

  2. not this weekend but the weekend after? I'm coming to Folkestone this weekend tho, so if you're free between saturday afternoon and sometime sunday we could meet up, jim willing of course!

  3. :-S....why wouldn't I be willing???

  4. I swear, if anyone ever tried to rob me I would lose control and totally beat the shit out of them. I don't care if they had a deadly weapon or not. Either that I would piss myself and beg for my life...LOL!
    Besides, I never have any money to take :P

  5. What is so wrong with todays younger generation (god I sound like my Dad!) that an individual can't just walk down a street without having this kind of harrasement? What is missing in these childrens lives that all they have to turn to is crime?

    I despair of the human race!!

    Good on you for sticking up for yourself. I don't know what I'd have done in your situation.

  6. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Jae: Sorry to hear about that matey. Glad you was OK.

    PoetX: It's not just the younger generation either. It's all very sad, but ultimately, we're all to blame. We've all voted ourselves into a more liberal and do-as-you- please society, and we all raise hell at the slightest little bit of control in our lives - and control is just what we need - human beings need control and without it we're just doing further down the lines we all complain about regularly.


  7. Nice one dude, I for one would never want to stand against the Elbow of Doom :)
    Hey I'm STILL in Hawkinge so def let me know if you guys are out and about in Folky this wkend!!

  8. "It's all very sad, but ultimately, we're all to blame. We've all voted ourselves into a more liberal and do-as-you- please society"

    That's silly... it's just that they are stupid and plain bad... no one is to blame but them. People must stop blaming liberalism... it's lets the criminals off the hook "It wasn't me guv, it was society see, that's why i ain't paid attention in school and can't think proper" Nothing to do with them being unkind, thoughtless inbreds who can't be bothered to understand other peoples feelings? Nope... obviously not... it's Labour/the tories/the media/the parents/Mickey Mouse/fast food/telly/the internet...

  9. I remember during Manchester Pride this year, the BNP tried to have demo which lasted all of 5 minutes when they were carted off.

  10. Anonymous12:48 am

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