Monday, October 31, 2005

I Hope You Have A Peaceful Samhain

This isn't the Samhain post I was going to write, but the real one was way too scary (for me anyway!) to dwell on so I posted it early!

Go visit my current "Rent My Blog" tenant and scroll down the left side of his blog to see an amusing Halloweenish cartoon. Brilliant!

I hope you all take the time this evening, as Samhain begins, to reflect. Reflect on any regrets you may have; tonight is the time to put them to rest. And reflect that this world still holds many mysteries for which we have no explanation or at least a solution!... here are a few "true" life mysteries for your consideration...

The Nameless Thing Of Berkeley Square

The U-28 Abomination

The Oak Island Money Pit - Always loved this story...

The Mothman In Sandling, Kent??? And other weird Kentish creatures - that's no more than a mile from Lympne, my old home!

The Blue Bell Hill Hauntings When I was little, Blue Bell Hill was always the setting for the infamous hitch hiker urban legend. In fact it was normally the setting for anything spooky as it was only down the road from us!

And finally... another local one this... all the Ghosts of Pluckley

Happy Halloween Dear Constant Reader...

Blessed Be


  1. Love the new template, Jae! It's smart and immensely reader-friendly (not unlike the blogger using it, eh?)

  2. Oh you are, as ever, far too sweet!

  3. I could have sworn this looked different about 5 hours ago ! :S

    Very envious of new look but scared of screwing up my present template. Damn my meagre brain and it's thickness !!

  4. By the way your email link doesn't work !!

    Your new template has gremlins for Haloween

    Mwah ha ha ha ha !!!

  5. It works for me... spooky...

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