Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't Panic

Last night, while I was half watching Matthew Kelly in Cold Blood (he was scary!!!!) and half updating my code on my blog to the Rent My Blog function from Blogexplosion (see on the right... please click the thumbnail picture, that way I won't make you buy me a Christmas present [offer not valid to people I have met in the real world!]), I managed to delete my blog code. :o( So lots of links are missing. Don't worry the link to your page will be back up tonight, as you can I see I did some last night but it was late and I have been so tired the last few weeks. 
The train to work today was... interesting.It arrived a minute early and I got on. It was crowded but not so bad as to be unbearable. We stopped at Deptford and began to speed up for London Bridge. Then we stopped. For half an hour. Then we moved... and then stopped just outside the station. For another ten minutes. A few feet away from me some bloke threw up in a plastic bag, causing commotion as certain passengers fled the scene. Then we started and stopped and started and stopped. By the time we made it to Waterloo East I was ready to scream... my back hurt as train carriages aren't tall enough for me (one of the many problems of living here on Midget World), it smelt of sick and some child had decided to sit down and lean against my leg. GRRRRRRR.... Stressful.
Looking ahead... I shall redesign this blog by 15th November 2005. I want spangles and sparkles and a proper sized title graphic. I am looking into doing the occassional podcast.
In the real world probably gonna try to have a quiet weekend, although Sam America wants me to go to The Church on Sunday (a very dodgy Aussie bar). After that... who knows! Jim's going away to America for a little while in a couple of weeks... who wants to keep me company by coming with me to pubs, bars and stuff? Elliot and John will you be in London???


  1. Well we were going to be moving in this weekend, but it looks like it's going to be sometime next week now. Elliot and I should therefore be in London but busy the rest of the week, and that weekend as well. After that tho I've no immediate plans apart from our housewarming on the 12th of course! hurrah

  2. Hey Jae, would love to come up and visit but might be a bit short on cash cos we're moving into a new flat next weekend!

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