Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's A Jungle Out There

Monday morning. Got up early, and picked up aMustang convertible from the Hertz rental place around the block from us. Looked gorgeous, and we headed out of San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge with the wind in my hair. Just needed a headscarf and we could have been Thelma and Louise. Was soooo cool. Went to Muir Woods which is the home of one of the last strands of original Redwood growth. Those trees sure are tall. Some appeared taller than Canary Wharf. Is Canary Wharf taller than 200 feet? Amazing. As we headed back to the car park along a hillside trail we cameupon two wild deer grazing right next to the path. :o) Lovely! Drove down from the woods to Muir Beach which is very pretty and we got our first (and possibly only!) glimpse of the Pacific Ocean proper. Magnificent.

Deciding not to head back to San Francisco we drove further north getting lost once or twice, but eventually ending up in Napa Valley which is Californias wine country. I have never seen so many vineyards in my life!! It was very beautiful.

Since almost day dot of my relationship with Jim, he has talked about Stag Leaps wine. So we spent some time looking for it, and eventually found the ranch. Did somewine tasting and settled on some wine to buy, which was quite lovely.

Headed back to San Francisco regretting leaving the top down only slightly as it grew chillier. Chillier by California standards anyway. It fell below 20 celsius! We have been blessed with great weather I have to say! Seeing some of the outstanding Californian countryside was brilliant.

Had a meal at Lou's Blue Bar, tried some Buffalo Wings (HOT!) didn't finish as portions were too big!!! Jim has taking a bit of a shining to some "air soft"guns we saw in a Spy Shop (no cameras allowed... it's a secret!!), and has spent the hours since then planning on getting them through customs (they are legal but they look and feel like a real gun!)

Todays our last full day... so better go have another adventure!


  1. where did you get 200 ft from, they were 368 ft!!


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