Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jae Will Never Understand Certain Things

Gay-priest ban won't end sexual abuses, some argue. Well it's good to know there are SOME people in the Catholic church with brains.

It has been a long time coming but that's the most insulting news headline I've ever seen. You mean banning gay men won't stop sex abuse???? Oh my God! Are you trying to tell us that being gay isn't the same as being a sexual predator??? Hold the front page!

And the editor of this news site is paid real money? For real news, from a sane source, go to the BBC's version.

Honestly guys... have you no eyes to see? Most abuse occurs within families. Most families consist of (dare I say it) hetrosexuals or closet cases. You do the math. Out and proud gay men? They're more interested in fucking their brains out down the local in the dark room than abusing some pre pubescent.

What the Catholic church really needs to do is ban priests. Let the Holy Spirit do the leg work.


  1. "...What the Catholic church really needs to do is ban priests. Let the Holy Spirit do the leg work." <--- cracked me up! very funny! =) now that'd be something worth seeing...

    as for the more serious side of the topic, you come very close to a crucial point: sexual absue of kids happens mainly in family units, and as you say, families are based on a heterosexual paradign; male abusers of children do not identify as homosexual and many have active (and enjoyable/satisfying) sexual relationships with women. the sexual abuse of children is an entirely different beast to homosexuality and has more to do with power than mere sex. it's comparing apples to oranges, as they say...

    although, having said that, it would be unfair to suggest that sexual predators are never homosexual; deviants and monsters (unhappily) reside in all sections of the community, regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual preference and whether they have an 'inny' or an 'outty'...

    ok. raved on too much. sorry.

    hope that Life is being kind to you and yours.

  2. Sexual predation = a completely unrelated issue to sexual orientation. The Catholic church apparently finds it easier to point the finger at something that ignorant conservative types are opposed to anyway rather than face the truth and say, "We are having major issues with pedophilia within the clergy".

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