Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jae Is Censored By Blogger

Good lord! All I did was publish one picture of Kevin McDaid naked and wham bam, the post is deleted as "illegal" content. I don't mind, now it gives me something to moan about for the next few days!!! Little Goody Two Shoes shows his bad side... Cor this makes me feel like a rebel.

That has cheered me up this morning...


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    Hey Jae,

    So where can I see that picture of Kevin then??!!!

  2. omg... lol. u can't post nudy pics? just link em mate ;)

    hows your sex life been? we want to hear about it all...

  3. oh and one more thing.. i read in 'hello' magazine (we have that in the waiting room) about westlife boys being gay and seeing each other.. which ones are they exactly???

  4. *grin*

    hey, noticed you linked me - thanks.

    nice blog.

    p.s. it's ebby, not eddy :)

  5. anon: Go down a few posts and you'll see how, join the yahoo group

    o: not illegal to post naked pics. Just illegal to post naked pics of Kevin

    Mark's gay, and he likes Kevin...

    ebby: cheers... duly noted!

  6. They've closed down TottyR??? Censorship!! And all we want to do is show naked pictures of someone famous without their permission... well... I've still got them, so ner... :op

  7. a good argument for going with another service...maybe even getting your own domain and not worrying about blogger's crap. :-)

    btw, i don't work for any hosting sites or anything like that.

    cheers! oh yeah, i enjoy your blog. found it thru blogexplosion.

  8. Ididn't see the picture and don't know who he is. May I ask what whether he was full-frontal and erect; if so, there is, whether we like it or not, a UK law against that, although I don't hear of prosecutions being brought for that reason alone, not nowadays - but it was a good reason for Thatcher's cabal to prosecute the Terence Higgins Trust back in the Eighties.

    If not erect, not illegal, and we should make a cause celebre out of this - email me the photo at photo at brixton dot fsworld dot co dot uk and we shall see what we can do...

    Still don't care who the man is but I feel outraged

  9. Anonymous10:55 am

    come on!! just give us the link, or the pictures!!!

  10. all the links link to sites that have been similarly censored and I can't load up pictures as they will be censored as well...

    And being as you haven't included your name or email address how on Earth can I be of any more assistance... d'oh!

  11. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Hey Jae,

    If you can send me those pictures, you would be a star in my eyes!

    My email is

    Cheers matey,


  12. Anonymous8:47 am

    i've got some pics (7 actually) but its only kevin nude, not with guys like the article said....r urs the same pics?

  13. :) oh, and I'd love to see those pics of Kevin - he's a hot hot boy!

  14. Anonymous2:10 am

    can i get the pics too please??


  15. Gavin3:43 pm

    Could i please see these pics as well i think kevin is well fit!!!

  16. Mitken3:44 pm

    hi jae... would you do me a biiiiig big favour and send me those pics you have of Kevin? Would love to see them... thanks a lot!!You´ll be my personal hero afterwards! *smile*

    my email-adress is

  17. OOOH I really wanna see too! I have searched everywhere for them! PLEASE PLEASE email me them

  18. Anonymous9:22 pm

    hey mate, can u email the pics to when u get the chance, gagging to see 'em!

  19. Anonymous9:39 pm

    I know I'm a bit late, but I'd love to see them too. Could you mail them to

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    another person chiming in a little late, but...

    Is there any chance you could e-mail me the photos too? I love celeb scandals and am having a hell of a time tracking them down.


  21. Anonymous12:20 am

    can you send it to me thanks!

  22. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Can I please have them too? That'd be aawwwwwsome! Thanks so much in advance! My email is "" .. Thanks! xXx Marvin

  23. Anonymous10:48 pm

    Could ya send them to me too?? Thanxs hunni :o)


  24. Anonymous11:55 pm

    could i see those pics

    I love a bit of celeb goss and my mate fancies the pants off him

  25. Anonymous10:06 am

    hey could i get those pics too? please!

  26. Anonymous12:37 pm

    can i have the picture of kevin?

    Oh, and I'm just back from San Francisco. If you go to the men's room, say hello to Moe from me. I was one of the scottish boys who (gently) stalked him. If you need any advice or zzzzzzzz...... just email me.

  27. Anonymous3:47 pm

    and me please!!!


  28. Anonymous6:22 pm

    me too please!

  29. Anonymous6:25 pm

    me to please!!!!

  30. pass them onto if ya don'y mind please

  31. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Kevin Naked?? Please send them to me aswell....plz!! lol

  32. Just heard about these...don't suppose I could get those pics emailed to me too? that would be awesome...

  33. charlie5:14 pm

    if you could email me the pics u wud b a star!


  34. Anonymous5:44 pm

    pics please! thnx
    thnx again!

  35. Anonymous8:19 pm

    please send pics to:
    much appreciated

  36. Anonymous11:49 am

    Just joining in like everyone else, can you please e-mail those pictures to me as well? Thank you so much!

  37. Anonymous3:13 am

    hey jae,
    i'd really like to see the pics


  38. Anonymous6:15 pm

    Would really appreciate those pics xx

  39. Anonymous11:31 pm

    pls pls also send me the pix!

  40. Anonymous7:58 pm


    I guess you know what i'm after!
    - i'd love to see these photos!


  41. Anonymous11:32 pm

    I want to see them too ... PLEASE.

  42. Anonymous8:09 pm

    is it still possible to see them? thx lots !!

  43. okcomputer1:52 am

    Oh, please please please let me see those pix! Thank you, Jae! My email is

  44. Okay we cant put them on the internet but if we share them around then that dirty little goody two shoes will be really pissed's so funny because we can just share them around like the whore that he is! I also have them if you want email me at alsomcheck out my website

  45. hello. if anyone is willing to send me the pics that would be great!!! i really want to see what the fuss is abouT!!!

  46. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I'm going to add myself to the list. I've tried searching everywhere for a pix of him with no luck. Could you please let me see those pix! Thank you, Bernard! My email is

  47. Anonymous7:23 am

    please e-mail me these pics too.

  48. Anonymous1:25 am

    Hey can i get an em-mail of those pics too? Thanks a lot. My email is

  49. I know i'm behind with the times, everyone else emailed ages ago but is there any chance you could email me to pics of Kevin's cock. I'm gagging to see em!!!

  50. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Clearly far too late, but in fairness, I have only just discovered your blog in the past week or so! If you could possibly email them to leon underscore romero at hotmail dot com then you'd be a total legend :)

  51. Anonymous4:02 pm

    can i have the picture too? thanks a lot

  52. Anonymous10:44 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. Hi, is there any chance that I can see these pics to please?

  54. Anonymous10:02 pm

    and me

  55. Hey,

    I might as well join the bandwagon and see if you might send me the Kevin McDaid pictures too? Would be good if you could as I tried to find them when the story first broke but they were well covered up!



  56. River Phoenix10:27 pm

    Hi Jae and Everyone Pls would u send Kevin's pics to my mail? Thnks a lot:)

    And have Brent Corrigan's pics anybody
    pls send me too.Loves

  57. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Pls Send me Kevin's pics too Tnks everyboys Loves.

  58. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Hey Jae

    I'm a big Westlife's fan and I also like V. I'm from Thailand. Never know that Kevin McDaid has had nude pics before he joined the band!!! Any chance to see them?
    If you could send it by email, I would be appreciated. Thank you
    here my address:

  59. Anonymous1:08 am

    i couldnt be bothered to read the comments left by other people but the reason that the pictures of the person from v are illegal is because when he had them done he was only 17, so in the eyes of the law it is classed as child pornogrphy

  60. Anonymous11:22 am

    Hi there!
    trying so hard to get the nude pics of Kevin....
    i just can't find them....
    can anyone send the to my email??????
    i would almost sell my ass for them ;-)



  61. Anonymous2:36 am

    k so wats the story wit these kev pics its crazy lol everyone goin mad looking for them still it was so 10yrs ago ok not that long but still... id lik to c them caz i idolise the man lol but he was only a 'child' at the time...

  62. Anonymous12:48 am

    Ok, can someone send me the pics of Kevin Pleeeeeeease????? Or at least message me and tell me how to find them? my e-mail is

  63. Anonymous1:13 am

    can i have the pics please thx x

  64. Anonymous4:41 pm

    I know this is late but if anybody has the pics can you please send them to me, ide love to see kevin. thanx.

  65. fulloflove7:30 pm

    can u send me the kevin mcdaid picture please too
    to email
    thanks a bunch cant wait to see them

  66. Anonymous12:25 am

    Can i please see the pics as well , thank you
    my email

  67. If pics are still out there, can someone send them to me, please?

    Thank you so much.

    My email:

  68. Fraggle1:59 am

    Have been trying to find those naked pics of Kevin for ages.

    Please could somebody send them to


  69. Please!!! I wanna them too! Thanks. E-mail:

  70. Anonymous1:38 am

    pls send them \. tnx :)

  71. Anonymous3:54 pm

    please send them my way as well :)

  72. Anonymous4:19 pm

    hello, I wanna pics of Kevin too, please!!)

  73. Anonymous1:26 am

    Hi there could you also send me the pic please.

  74. Anonymous1:50 pm

    hey, just stumbled upon your blog and really interested in seeing the nude photos of kevin mcdaid. could you send them to me?
    my emails

  75. Anonymous6:34 pm


    I'm yet another one!!

    A big thanks!!

  76. Anonymous1:03 am

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