Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurry Give Us Money!!!

Oh yes. I feel bad for the people of New Orleans and the other areas affected by Katrina. I really do. I cannot imagine how awful it must be for those who are trapped without hope of relief.

But I nearly broke something when I heard President Bush asking for relief money from the nations of the world. Erm... hands up to the nation which only begrudingly gave money to the 2004 tsunami? Erm... which nation has just spent loads of money liberating Iraq when they should have been looking for Osama Bin Laden? Which nation is the richest in the world? I have many American friends here in Britain and I feel awful saying this but.... the poor of New Orleans didn't just magic themselves into existence. They are Americas self made problem. It's time America cleared up its mess.

Maybe in the future you will look after the poor, and the unfortunate. Maybe in the future you will not allow a situation in which the most needy are the ones who can't escape oncoming disaster. Maybe in the future you will make sure President Bush isn't on holiday all the bloody time.. it's only 8 years of his fucking life. He can relax all he wants after he's finished!!!! He sent the troops away, and left your homeland unable to respond to disaster.. remember that.


  1. While you condemn Bush (which you have every right to) is it right to condemn all of America for his stupidity?

    He is an elected official (not by me as I voted for the other guy)

    Does this mean the people in Louisana, Mississippi and Alabama deserve less sympathy when thousands are trying to make it out with thier lives?

    I live in the Northeast and while I don't have family there, I am doing what I can to help.

    Did no one in America donate to the Tsunami relief at all?

    Yes Bush is who he is, but just because a natural disater has happend, is this the time to say - I don't like you - your country can rot?

  2. I think in the United States we would love to solve our own problem: take care of our poor, our homeless, our mentally ill. It's completely unacceptable that the richest country in the world would have these problems. Of course the money it would take to fix these problems would mean that we couldn't financially help any other countries.

    Can you imagine how we would be criticized then? How much more we would be hated then? If we chose only to take care of our own?

  3. Anonymous5:03 pm


    Based on the amount that the US actually does give to foreign aid, you could argue it might as well not bother anyway.


    No, a nation should not be condemned for the actions of a single person, but its the majority that keeps him there, and they keep him there for his stance on foreign and domestic issues which not only cover financial but environmental issues. The US and its elected spokesperson unfortuneatly has a habit of standing on the world stage and saying "f@ck you". I am sympathetic to the plight of those affected by this disaster, but it is with regret that i say the US cannot count on any support from me in this instance, not until the US and its representatives change their ways for the better of the Global community.

  4. You fucking idiot.

  5. ayannali, and boom, I respect your opinions, but let's face it... if America can't sort out the Katrina disaster without our help it's kinda worrying... maybe China's time at the top is coming sooner than we think...

  6. Anonymous12:38 am

    Dirk....would you like to expand on your enlightening comments or is that as far as your literacy prowess extends?