Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jae's Last Post (Probably!) Before He Takes Over The United States

Please note US Immigration agents this in no way suggests I wish to overthrow the United States Government. And I am not a Communist *throws his Soviet star with Hammer and Sickle onto floor and remembers not to take a copy of the Morning Star with him on the plane*. Oh and I'm only a little bit gay (Jae please do not take Gay Times or Attitude with you!). And don't be cheeky. And don't mention the war (1812) or the Empire. And let's leave Bush bashing to the breeders. And abortion is so out of bounds as a topic of discussion. Ooo... and hey global warming ain't gonna disappear in a week, so leave it out!

Phew just a little bit of ettiquette to remember.... ah and with my current experience of Americans here at work also do not make any jokes that could be offensive to anyone in anyway. Americans seem way too fragile, bless their cotton socks. Oh and take clean socks!!!

Hmm... ok I think I've covered everything... WAIT... no kicking SUVs...

God, this travelling to America is very stressful, and I haven't even started packing yet!

Jae Kay Is Away


  1. hey, have fun the the US.

  2. Enjoy your trip! Hope you post an outsider's view of the state(s) you visit...

  3. Yes, don't kick the SUVs...spray paint a big penis on them.

  4. Saying "Hi" on every blog I hit through blog explosion today. So Hi!

  5. I am in the US! ;)

    Have Fun while you are here!
    Have a Safe trip!
    If you can get to a PC while you are on your trip you can still post in your blog!! ;)


  6. stop posting pics of these hot guys, i'm running out of underpants to change into :P

  7. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Au contraire my friend to the person above. Do post many more!

  8. Anonymous12:53 am

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