Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Quiet Day In...

So Saturday we decided to have a quiet day in. We managed it till about two when we got hungry and went in search of food. Our search took us into town and to the Walkabout near Temple. I forgot football was on, and was momentarily suprised by the huge crowd in the pub. It was cool, but I hate football and there was no chance of food, so after a drink we headed up to the Strand, had a browse through the BBC Shop (a trip down memory lane!!) at Bush House before another drinks at Kudos.

I like Kudos, I think it is quite a cool little bar. I've had a few nice days in that place. Finally food was found in Tokyo diner. I can never understand why that place isn't packed to the rafters, cheap and delicious food served darn quick. Yum! We had dessert at the Haagen Daz restaurant on Leicester Square. Double Yum!

Went shopping in HMV and wandered around the Trocerdero. Had a few drinks in Comptons and GAY. Saw Josh Rafter (saw Brian May on Friday night and Jim was at the gym with Graham Norton on Thursday... go us!) Then we headed to the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see a preview showing of a Few Good Men, with Rob Lowe and John Barrowman (PHWOAR!). Yes that John Barrowman! Captain Jack in Doctor Who... love him. It was very good, and a lot more amusing than I would have imagined. Having not seen the movie, I can judge it on its own merits. Go see it!!!

Then headed home via Burger King.

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