Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I fancy doing something random. Random but cheap and that doesn't interrupt work. Ideas on a postcard (or in a comment) please!
News still slow. Which is a good thing meaning we are only operating at a normal level of badness as opposed to worse than normal (which considering how bad things normally are is really crappy).
We'll forget about the whole Basra thing. Hey we are there to support our Iraqi friends remember, by bulldozing their police stations with tanks... SAS guys please answer me this... why were you stopped in the first place? 


  1. Anonymous7:28 pm

    It is suspected that 3 in every 4 of the iraq police force is part of the insurgent militia. Coupled with the fact that they were paraded and humiliated on TV and given to the milita, i would have done the same. Does it really matter why they were stopped? These guys put their lifes on the line daily, whilst we sit in the local boozer having a laugh and watching the footie. Unless your willing to join them and put your life at risk in the same manner I dont see what right you have to question.

  2. Hey Jae, I'll come and visit you when you can back from San Francisco! Miss ya!

  3. What right he has to question? The right of free speech, I would have thought.

    Fingers crossed we'll be in our new place in about a week's time. Hoping to see both of you two soon, either round Greenwich or at our housewarming!

  4. It's crazy that they should have to ram-raid the police station with tanks in the first place. They need to look at why these insurgents have managed to get jobs in the police in the first place.

    What a crazy situation!

  5. Anonymous6:24 pm

    Freedom of expression is a liberty granted to us by these very people that put there lives on the line, the very people thats integrity has been put into question.

    Are you saying that the London tube bombings where justified because, hey, surely they were just expressing themselves. Expressing their beliefs in a non verbal manner. No...didnt think so.

    So yes, Freedom of speech and expression is indeed an important part of civilised life, but there must be limits. I personally believe Jae overstepped the mark in this instance.

  6. I respect every who daily puts there life on the line for my freedoms. I simply asked a question, why were the SAS stopped in the first place? Why did we use tanks to knock down a police station? Why haven't we taken action to remove dissident elements from the Iraqi police before, as it would appear we knew they were there?

    "Does it really matter why they were stopped?" Erm yeah... called military law, were they break any British military law when they were stopped??? Members of our armed forces may be defending our legal system, but they are also part of it...

    The London tube bombings were not justified because last time I checked terrorism is not an acceptable form of expression, not even artistic (take not Damon Hirst)... in fact why on Earth did the London bombings get brought into this? Madness.

  7. Anonymous12:57 am

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