Friday, September 16, 2005

Jae's Life Trundles Ever Onwards

Hard to believe I've been writing in this thing for over 4 years!! Here I am living in Greenwich with a lovely boyfriend, working in London in a job paying good money for what it is, and I am enjoying life. Certainly not where I imagined myself all those years ago. When I was really young I thought I'd end up bobbing along the Amazon in search of some weird and wonderful creatures as an ecologist/zoologist/cryptozoologist. Then I thought one day I'd spend my time helping others through life's troubles as a social worker or a carer.
Instead I'm in customer service. That's why I love life, always unpredictable, and interesting. Who knows what I'll be doing in 4 years time (when I'll be 26! OMG!)
Hmm.. so Wednesday Jim was out with Paul so I thought I'd have a nice relaxing evening to myself. I settled down in my dressing gown with Space Race and some Diet Coke. Half nine a drunk Jim fell through the door, threw some clothes at me and forced me to go down to the George and Dragon with him (yeah right, beer drinking requires no coercion). There was no stripper, just one barmaid and David (the guy whose phone number I managed to get down the Rose and Crown much to Jim's continued annoyance). Then headed to the Chinese where Jim gave his phone number to the owner (SLUT!). It was actually so she can phone him when she next makes rice cakes... :o) I love that little Chinese, lovely food.
Am starting to get quite excited about my upcoming trip to San Francisco... can't wait!!!!!!!!!! :o)


  1. Is the Rose and Crown the one next door to Greenwich Theatre?

  2. Sam Matthews1:59 am

    hi jae sam here can jikm get me a cheap flight to new york, would be m uch thanked! Sam (from hythe)

  3. Kev it most certainly is!

    And Sam... cheap flights to New York are tena penny, go on!

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