Thursday, September 08, 2005

Jae Gets Stuck In A Lift

I hate lifts. I used to be so petrified of them that I wouldn't get on them for even a trip up one level. It all stems from watching some old movie, where a lift falls down it's shaft and smashes it millions of pieces, when I was very young. I still find them a little "uncomfortable".

Today eight of us boarded the lift to our office. Chris pipes up "Wouldn't be funny if the lift broke down?" Two seconds later and it stops. Dead. We spent an hour in there, although my spirits were lifted when we heard a man outside "This is the London Fire Brigade". Ya firemen I thought, and kept thinking till I saw them. DISAPPOINTING! Oh well those thoughts at least kept me from freaking out!!!

Anyway I know the other seven people a whole lot better now!!


  1. Wow! It sounds like you went through quite an ordeal. I suppose next time you'll be taking the stairs insted of the lift?

  2. As a kid in London we lived in a tower block and the lift was always breaking down. I may have watched the same film..... and I was stuck in the lift once by myself and the caretaker had to break me out. I think the lift broke down so much they didn't bother with the fire brigade.

    Then there was the night I came home late at night from a bar job. All tired and exhausted and both lifts had broken down and walking the stairs to the 19th floor was the only way to bed!

  3. wat does one do stuck in a lift???

    glad ur ok.. oh and i finally figured out who is mark feighly and kevin mcdaid...

  4. Anonymous9:45 am

    WAHEEEEEY, yes as the sheer height of Jason and the sheer lowness of the lift celing would mean he would probably have to crank his neck. He didnt make up the hour he was stuck there though.


  5. heheheheheee.

    Funny stuff. That's definitely one those things you'd never expect to happen to you. Oh well, another party anecdote for you eh

  6. Anonymous2:47 am

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