Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thank God For Hurricane Katrina

Christians spend little time in spreading hatred and their appalling biblical knowledge, and understanding is almost laughable.

God hates gay people so much he'll happily destroy the lives of thousands just to stop us having a party.. OR NOT!!!

No wonder I gave up Christianity when I became old enough to understand that most Christians are a little bit scary.


  1. Jamie6:25 pm

    "No wonder I gave up Christianity when I became old enough to understand that most Christians are a little bit scary."

    It's your right to believe whatever you want to believe but don't agree with what you said that MOST Christians are scary. Most Christians are actually loving, caring, non-judging people who would take the shirt off their back to help others out. You don't hear about them too often because they are just the normal folk out there. It's the extreme Christians that sadly give ALL christians a bad name and to be honest, they scare me too! Blaming natural disasters on ANYTHING is just plain stupid.

  2. Many claim the name of Christian who are anything but although I profess no special ability to see into the heart of any person

  3. Do not equate christianity with anti-gay. The wacko group in that article are extremists. Sad.

  4. Jae,

    Don’t equate Christianity with homophobia. Many people who claim to be Christians don’t know the first thing about Christianity; I’ve also read many good articles on why the “Religious Right” in the United States and Britain aren’t Christians at all.

    Then again, the Religious Right in the United States believe that Catholics and Anglicans aren’t Christians either – So there is little point in even worrying about it.

    There are many Christian denominations which welcome homosexuals (and the new Anglican Archbishop of York wants to stamp out racism and homophobia), and to be at peace with Christ and believe in Christianity you do not necessarily need to belong to a religious order – It’s all in your heart.

  5. I certainly understand that real Christians shouldn't be homophobic. I did do religious studies at school, and the Gospel of John certainly was enlightening as to the differences between scripture and Christian practice. But

    However there is a power struggle with Christianity and the fundamentalists and Evangelicals would appear to be winning the fight. That is why I will sometimes tarnish al Christians with one brush... unfair but it's an unfortunate habit of mine.