Saturday, January 03, 2004

Dear Constant Reader

Happy New Year!

My NYE was rather random. Well what else would it be with me involved! I had been invited to a do in London, but I said no as I thought my mates were all down and we'd probably go out somewhere. When it dawned on me on NYE that I was the only one with out plans I was rather annoyed! I went to work at midday and we were released early at 3pm. I was so happy. Rosanna, David, Charlie, James and I headed to Brickfields. Charlie spent the next hour persuading me to go to London and to a club called Slimelight with her. I rather reluctantly agreed.

After a rushed trip to my house so I could get dressed more appropriately (black, black, black, black) we caught a train from Westenhanger. We sat in first class carriage, with no problems.. have to do that more often! Got to Waterloo East, hung round Waterloo, got a text from a guy and started thinking about going with him instead... it was your usual Slimelight/sex conundrum. We headed on the tube to Charing Cross to meet Charlies mate Sarah. After we met her I decided to make my move. This annoyed Charlie a lot. Sorry!

Anyway had a wonderful evening, and got home around 10 am NYD. Still would have been better to celebrate with my mates but oh well!

Spent whole day on net NYD making new friends... he he... NYD night was about to get to sleep when I got a phone call. Guy anted to meet up with me. Have arranged meeting for Tuesday

After work Friday I went to Brickfields for a collegues leaving do... crappy service!!!!! Food took forever! Then Mum came picked me up and did a handover to Zoe and Ray when we got to my house. Went to Leas Club where John was waiting for us. Little Gem appeared with some guy called Dave (?) from my school... I put on lots of music, Zoe gave me a lift home.

Just a few minutes ago my mum came into my room and goes:

"I have something to tell ya"


"I have been having an affair for 4 weeks"

Jae bursts out laughing.

"It's not funny! At least call me a tart or something!"

It was amusing tho... I feel bad for Tony, I can imagine how he must feel. Poor bloke. But still on Mum's side very amusing... what is she like??

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