Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I Feel Shitty

Today I feel like a bear with a thorn in his paw. Grumpy, tired, and after blood. Don't quite know why as everything seems ok. Oh well.

So Angel came back last week! Forgot to tells ya! She is even sillier and more like a small dog than she was before. As soon as she got home she walked to the shop with me. Although I have noticed she far prefers Gareth to me this weekend!!!! And she spent Sunday night "playing" with my blinds and sending me and Gareth up the wall!!!!!!!!!!

And the news is: I may well be moving to Ashford to share a flat/house with Sarah. Who? I hear you say! Remember Sarah? Used to work with Chris? Everyone got very drunk at her birthday? No? Oh well... Anyways out of the blue she texted me on Friday and thus the planning begun... woo... watch this space.. well not this one... the ones above this one...

Yesterday I went to Bluewater with Gareth. Had a pizza express. He has gone to work now, thus home. :o(

But to brighten my day here is a pic of his gorgeousness.... and Gareth too.... :op (that's a joke before any of you anonymous posters out there start on me!)

Plus a pic of Ben, Jon, Zoe and my thumb at Brighton pride.

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