Sunday, September 28, 2003

You Make Me Feel. Mighty Real.

Ok. Hello. How are you these days??

Wednesday: me and Zoe went done Gee's then headed up to the Leas Club to meet with Jodie and Russell. During pool me and Russell (ok so more Russell than me) beat the girls 2-1. yay!!

thursday: Zoe came over and we had a kebab.

Friday: It was school fun day at work. I won a bottle of wine for best dressed man! Woo!!!!!!!!! It was lots of fun. Afterwards we all headed to the pub. Keeping wiith my tradition of drinking lots when on work dos I got very drunk and came out to the correspondence team... Gareth picked me up and stayed over mine..

Incidentally family went to Spain.

Saturday. After me and Gareth headed to Jon's picked him up and made our way to Brighton... again. Went to Charles Street and Legends. I went early and slept in car while they headed for Envy.

Sunday. Did lunch at Jon's (very nice thanks) and had a few drinks down Bar Vasa... Am I an alcoholic? Do I care?

Maybe have some major news in next post.. keep reading!

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