Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hold Very Tight Please

Ok firstly forgot to say I saw Chris from February at a supermarket in Dover on Monday. Good to see him.

Today I have mostly been investigating the new train situation. Instead of running once every so often they now run once every hour from my local station... woo! So I caught the train into town to get my haircut. On the train I noticed everyone seemed to be listening to one conversation in the carriage so I tuned in....

"So they like, tied me up and and all that right and started really laying into me. 'Cause the CCTV didn't pick up nothing but my legs waving in air." Ah he really didn't realise everyone on the carriage was mesmerised by his cnversation... he he.. I think if he continued to talk so loudly on a crowed train for much longer I would of tied him up and beat him.

Anyway thanks to Connex and our conservative parish councillor Shirley Newlands for getting trains to run so regularly!!!

In the news: blah blah blah blah... same old same old... abused children, complaining car owners, the fact that stupid parents still want to not immunise their kids against a bloody awful illness... somedays I think I could make up the news and get it fairly spot on...

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