Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Unionised Duck

I joined Unison today. Woo! Got a free, rather nifty yellow duck stress toy. Put it on desk with my nifty hippo stress toy and made my desk look like an advert for that bed company..... is it Slumberland?

I awoke this morning to find my room smelled as if a thousand smokers had spent all their fag breaks in it while I slept. I could actually taste fag ash. I don't quite know why as to my knowledge not one person has ever smoked in my room..... I don't smoke so it was very wierd... I blame Melly myself (she's a ghost so she can do things like that).

I hereby solemnly promise to get rid of my denim jacket this month.... cos this one has too much character (those who know me may say it smells and has holes in, but don't listen to them!!)

So it is goodbye to a dear friend. He shall join my sleeveless jacket (bought at Camden market during my "sleeveless is the new denim phase") in my wardrobe, and become forgotten (except when the wind blows in the right direction and I get a whift of fag ends and sweat). Well travelled, my constant companion in life. I bid ye a fond Adeiu (sp?) at some point this month.

*breaks down in tears....*

If ya wanna come to Canterbury on Friday you are hereby cordially invited... bring your own clothes, money, and a hat (hat optional, but God darn it recommended, specially if it has fruit on it).

Now who would of thought I could use the word hereby twice (ney! thrice!) in a post.

God I am in a silly mood today... need beer.....

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