Thursday, September 18, 2003

Days Like These

I got to work today and knew something was up immediately.. I reached for my stress duck and found it graffiti-ed!! On the bottom someone (Russell!!!!!) had written "Jason U R Quakers!" At first I thought "No I am no religious group" before slowly realising he meant quackers.... HA HA, I laughed. Or not.

Then spent day in meetings and drumming up excitement RE: the work fun day that is next Friday.... everyone has to dress up as school kids.... all the blokes at work are like "mmmmm....." at idea of girls in school uniform. Ewwwww....

Got back from lunch sat down ready to be floorwalker when I realised I sat down in the middle of a conversation about cock size, a rather animated one in which I realised too late I was the only bloke in the room... it wasn't long before rulers were being got out.... decided to read my paper and hide!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow which should be fun and a half... and more importantly get to see Gareth *dedicates Madonna's "Lucky Star" to Gareth*

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