Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Other Side Of The Coin

The last 24 hours has seen my looking into the right wing agenda without even wanting to... eek!

So yesterday after going through the right wings sites listed below (and some not) I had a caller. He was a man from the UK Independence Party (for non-Brits they are anti Europe). He seemed shocked when I agreed to listen to him. He presented his case badly and I trashed his arguments and sent him on his way. When I can trash your arguments your case MUST be very shody indeed. My debating skills are those of an 11 year old.

A little later I had another caller. Twas Jonathon, a Jehovah Witness who used to visit Ashley Avenue (my old house). Now I don't mean to seem strange but I like the Jehovah Witnesses, they tend to be polite, well spoken and pretty knowledgeable to remember all those Bible verses. So I tend to chat with them. I mean I am gay it's not like they can actually convert me. And it always cheers em up that someone will listen. Anyway we launched into a long running debate (a friendly one) over the teachings of Jesus versus the rest of the Bible, and I was winning for a time, in fact thought I might change him into a loving libertarian, when I lost him to the story of Job. Darn it. There is always next time!

Meanwhile, as a little side show, Angel swallowed a live bird whole while I did my best to save the poor thing. Angel is only an ickle cat so how she managed it I will NEVER know.

Anyhew. Today I am watching the Factor (for non-American readers that is the O'Reilly Factor America's premier right wing talk show presented by a man who believes that liberal secularists are taking over the WORLD!!!!). Hmm.... why oh why I watch it I don't know. That man is so.... slimey.... yet so wholesome.... and yet so DEVIL like... yet so agreeable.... Oh well I respect that he has opinions. And completely disagree with each and everyone of them!! Oh well.

Right I am off to rejoin the "No Spin Zone".

Note to Self.... the fact that when handed religious tracts you now say "I've already got that one" means you really must stop talking to religious nuts such as, but not limited to, Mormons, Jehovahs, Church of Life and that Good News Lady who is about all August every year who you love to chat with. OK?

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