Thursday, September 04, 2003

Not So Serious Girl

So yesterday was to be a day of funness. And it seems to have been one. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as I did!

Zoe and I did our best not to appear straight laced, and tried to organise people. This, as always turned out to be harder than first thought. We did manage to persuade Matthew to come out with us and we headed first to Safeways to buy supplies and then to Hythe beach. We saw some amazing wild life yesterday and the first creatures we encountered were topless old people. Ewww..... Anyway Rio's ice cream van turned up and I bought Matt and Zoe ice creams and we wandered along the promenade. After a little walking we stopped out side a cafe and sat on side of the promenade overlooking the beach, to the dulceet (sp?) tones of lift music. How anyone can stay at that cafe for long is beyond me.

We wandered along in the other direction until we came to the Imperial golf course which we decided to cut across so we could see the canal. We wandered onto the bridge and immediately started playing Pooh sticks. Much fun. We saw a kingfisher (see wildlife!!) and then our attentions were drawn by some very loud quaking. Turning just in time we were able to watch a flotilla of ducks slip out from under the over hanging trees to meet a snake which was swimming/slithering across the canal towards them. I still say it was a baby grass snake as the idea it was a smooth snake is far too exciting to contemplate (sad!). Anyway said snake seemed rather unprepared for the attack and got to land as soon as it could.

We headed back Zoe's car, she dropped Matt home, and I had dinner round her house. I saw a Ray Mears Survival programe while there which rather over excited me.

Anyway we headed off, picking up Laura on the way, and meet Matt, John and Pete at Gee's. Much silliness occured, including my Ray Mear's inspired elephant sign. We moved on from there to Spoons, where we saw Annie, and Gem, plus Elliot and Sam joined us. Twas very good to see everyone, especially all in one place.

Now... seriously.... I really think people should not bring religion into politics. Mainly as in this country we have so many religions it would be hard to get much done! But the Conservatives of course have other ideas. Scary.

OK... I know right now this website is a bit obsessed with the Christian right. That's just where I am right now... Some of you may be offended by this next link... I was totally (it also contains images that are physically, mentally and spiritually hurtful).... Reading through it I discovered a dark, Pharisee like devotion to HATE. Life, light, love... none shone through. I am totally against abortion. But a hundred percent behind a womans right to choose that option. I really don't think that the way to stop abortions is to support EVIL men like Paul Hill. The Army of God have a right to pursue their own beliefs. But to claim all homosexuals are paedophiles, to glorify in making Muslims squirm at images of Mohammed in agony, and to support people whose hearts are filled with darkness is unforgivable. I thank God that I live in a free country where such people can never gain influence. Disgusting.

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