Friday, September 05, 2003

Different Faces With No Name, Places I've Never Been Before

So yesterday Gareth came and picked me up and we headed for Canterbury for some shopping shenanigans. It was good. Saw Halloween 4 and 5 but resisted the urge to buy them. We headed to his house to drop off stuff then we went to Jon's and picked him and his date (Stuart) up for mine and Gareths birthday treat surprise. We took them to Zizzi's for a meal, which was fabulous, and then headed to Bar 11 (right must not go there for one whole week as I go there way too much, altho bar men is sssooooo cute). Stayed over Gareth's.

Now Gareth headed off to work really early and I said I'd wait for him to come home before leaving. But it soon dawned on me.... I have to go to work tomorrow, and really should go home. So feeling annoyed that I had to leave (I'd much prefer to spend more time with Gareth than be sensible) I headed for the train station. No trians to Sandling I sigh. Joy. So I head for the platform. And then suddenly a train pulls up to a different platform and some member of staff shouts "Hey this is the train for Dover" and so we all run off and get on board (was most sceptical, last time this happened at Ramsgate the staff member had put us on the wrong train, something we realised when we got to Minster... grr..). The conductor checks my ticket.... "You do know this train doesn't go to Sandling don't you?" "yes" I say (I was starting to get peeved) "Oh good... well you could always jump off I spose.... " she says with a smile... Ha de ha ha.... plotted chucking conductor off at Sandling...

Cute boy gets on train... I realise almost too late that it was a lesbian... Need to get my eyes tested...

And I had to pay for a taxi from Folkestone to Lympne.. grr... better have money for Soho adventure after work tomorrow... I am noting that not seeing Gareth is putting me in a very grumpy mood.... Get to see him tomorrow tho... yay! Hope he doesn't mind I have left.

Song of the day: You're the first, the last, my everything - Barry White... *does Ally McBeal dance*

Happy Birthday to Jon for today!

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