Friday, July 25, 2008

Jae: Volume 3, Issue 2

This week I've been looking for a new job. I have a few interviews lined up so wish me luck!!

My time at my current company has had some amazing highs and some terrible lows. When I got the first call from my boss, Simon, asking me to come in for an interview way back in my first week in London, I was extremely glad that someone had offered me the opportunity so early on in my job search.

The interview went well... with Simon, Bonnie and Shaila doing a good cop, really nice cop and brutal cop routine. The three managers presented the company as young and dynamic and I took a temporary contract position in customer service.

I told myself then that this would offer me the chance to look for something better. However the liberal atmosphere in the office, the lack of a dress code, the friendly staff of so many nationalities and the promise of regular free alcohol and nights out lulled me into laziness and I never did get round to even bothering to look for new work.

Soon my position went from temporary to permanent, the company went from strength to strength and I gradually took my place as an experienced and well respected (I think anyway!) member of staff.

The nights out continued and I made many, many friends. But the first sign of unhappiness appeared within a year... the turnover was very high due to the companies love of hiring American graduates on working holidays. This took a toll on my emotions as I met people who I became firm friends with... but who soon left and I had to begin the process again.

Slowly over time, as the company matured and grew, the nights out began to dry up and the senior staff began to change as people such as Shaila and Bonnie moved on. Soon enough the young and dynamic company became just another corporate office, full of new rules and regulations. The systems and policies changed so greatly, and despite my best efforts to argue against their implementation, they began to affect the business for the worst. Customers went from horrid (we had a lot of commendations back then but still... customer service is customer service) to downright malicious as they fought back against the silliness.

Although I'd been threatening to leave for quite some time, and despite several pay rises and perks (such as not needing to really do any work), I finally cracked this year. This might explain the change in my blog from personal journal to commentary... life was just too glum at work.

So in May, upon my return from holiday, I made the decision to actually leave for real. I handed in my resignation, with quite a long period of notice!, and didn't bother looking for new work. I know... naughty Jae! But I'm now actually doing it so you can let me off a little, Dear Constant Reader.

So yes, my first three years in London were greatly improved by this company and I shall look back on my time here with fondness. But, unless by some miracle they offer me a pay rise of £6000 (LOL), my time here is OVER.

Farewell to:

1) friendly American/Canadian/Australian/Kiwi temps
2) the smelly homeless people who live outside the offices (I mean this literally, they really do live there!)
3) Waterloo Station (hopefully)
4) cute young University graduates. There's a new one here at the moment... phwoah!! I mean that... phwoah!!!!!!!
5) cute older members of staff who I've had a permanent three year crush on. (Please note to all employees of the company who read this... my three year seniority "bagsie" on a certain Charles Dera lookalike will continue to be in effect even after I leave. HE IS MINE! [in my dreams...]) :P
6) my customers free drinks in the office on a Friday night
7) the mysterious 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors
8) the employees of several eating and drinking establishments across Vauxhall, particularly the ladies of the Kennington Road Cafe.
9) blogging at work.
10) being the 5th longest serving member of the company. That was a nice feeling...

I'll do a "Remember When" post of my favourite moments at the company once I'm finally really gone... :D


  1. Tasha2:32 pm

    ah Jae! this really was a great entry. it is so true what you have said. i wish you all the best as you def do deserve it! see you thurs :-) ps: greasy caf tuna melt... mmmmm......

  2. See you Thursday!!! Mmmm... now I fancy a greasy cafe tuna melt!!! How I love it...

  3. Hey Jae, good luck to you! How about professional blogger?

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