Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Jae Update

Proof, if needed, in the superiority of Mormons over other crazy skygod believers. Is he wearing Aussiebum??? Not very Mormon in my opinion... but I'm not complaining!!

Anyhew... enough eye candy. So what have I been up to?

Last Friday I went out after drinks at work to Pico's, a restaurant bar on the Albert Embankment. I haven't been there in a while and in keeping with the retro theme I was with 3 former employees of the company I work for. Looking around the table it wasn't hard to remember the good old days of a couple of years ago when work was fun.

Saturday: gay Pride of course!!! After the parade I had a fun trip home on the train wearing my rainbow whistle, flying a pink Union flag (large), covered in badges and stickers proclaiming things such as "Queer" and a supporter of the GLBT Met Police association (the person giving out the badges was rather delicious) and of course holding tons of leaflets, free stuff and a copy of the Pink Paper. Could I have looked any more gay??? :D

After that I watched the Doctor Who finale and then went out with Jim to see Hancock at the Odean (the Galleria, I'm sad to report, is very worse for wear but still worth the extra). Not a bad movie really.

Sunday was a quiet day.

Monday, after work Jim and I headed to the Vietnam Restaurant and got very, very wet in the rain. We then proceed to stuff our faces under the all you can eat rules. It was a bad day for the diet but a good day for my taste buds.

Tuesday, new boy started at work. I think my Plurks explain how I feel about him. But as I continue to get rid of my responsibilities he will be the first person in the company to avoid my training other than those who have started while I've been on holiday. I've passed the training baton on.

Today. Had a lovely meal down the local. Mmm...


  1. Oh...WOW....hello Aussiebum man

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