Monday, July 14, 2008

Jae Kay Is Taking A Break

This may come as little bit of a shock to your Dear Constant Reader. But I've decided to take a break from blogging for an unknown period of time. Maybe it'll be a couple of hours, maybe a couple of months.

Why? A melancholy has settled upon me and I do not wish to inflict it upon you. That's my main reason.

Also this blog is supposed to be my personal diary, but I haven't had anything interesting personal life wise for some time. Until I do there is not much point with my continuing to write.

Thanks so much for reading, put me in your feed reader and when I return you'll know about it.

So in case I don't see you; good afternoon, good evening and good night!


  1. Few people know of Jae's place in the history of hip hop. Run DMC has said of Jae:

    His name is Jae,
    To see him play
    Will make you say,
    "Goddamn, that DJ made my day!"

    See you soon, Jae, and be well.

  2. Anonymous9:12 am


    It's sad to hear that you feel you're not able to blog for the foreseeable future.

    I also understand what you're saying about your personal blog and you not having much to say.

    I absoloutely love your blog regardless of what you write, and under normal circumstances I'll only ever be interested in someone's blog if there's a reciprocal interest in mine. The reason for this is that I like to get to know and have proper meaningful friendships with the people I read about rather than simply have a basic reader-author relationship. I'm not sure how much of my blog you read but I think you've probably only left one comment in two years and if it wasn't for the fact that I think your blog is QUALITY, I probably wouldn't have bothered trying to get to know you with that low level of mutual interaction.

    Despite all that, I do feel I have connection with you which goes back many years (on Live Journal especially)and for that reason your blog will be missed xx

    (and despite the fact that , however I have noticed it's changed over the years from being a personal account of your day to a news and views blog. Nothing wro

  3. Anonymous9:14 am

    oops that cut off rather quickly...

    I was trying to say, I have noticed your blog has become less personal and more news orientated but there's nothing wrong with that - especially since I pretty much agree with most of what you have to say.

  4. Thanks guys, and to James... I do read your blog. I'm just a bad blog comment person. I used to try and comment on everyone's blogs and whilst I'm on hiatus I will cut down my blogroll and feed reader so I can spend more time on those blogs I actually care about such as yours (and Bill's and Kenyo's!).

    I'll be back sometime in August I think, hopefully refreshed and ready to get this blog back to the "exciting" adventures of Jae!

    In the mean time I'll be microblogging on Plurk

  5. I'll be back sometime in August I think

    Ah, that's good! ;) Meantime have a good summer ...

  6. Anonymous10:07 pm

    you REALLY underestimate the skill you have with words.

    if you stop, i will miss your blog - even if you think it's dull!

  7. are back blogging!

  8. Anonymous6:29 pm

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