Friday, July 04, 2008

Big Brother Update

Despite my silence on the matter, I am still watching BB. And Jesus, these guys are proving to be a volatile lot. Each time a bad apple is removed (Alexandria, Dennis, Sylvia) a new one grows to take it's place.

Enter Jennifer. Not only is she the most dull creature in the universe, but she is a hypocrite (her whole religious thing, what an idiotic thing to admit to) and a bitchy madam. She is up for eviction tomorrow and hopefully she will be thrown out.

Rebecca is the Sylvia to Jennifer's Alexandria and I have no doubt Rebecca will be next week's Big Brother villain.

And then we have the house criticising Kat. This must not stand! They say she is too happy. They say she is too sad. They say she is too emotional. This they claim is a sign of her being fake. No guys... this is a sign of her having a personality, unlike Luke who has turned into the most bitchy, evil creature.

Mario and Lisa... AH! What are they doing in there? Lisa talks through her nose and Mario talks out his arse. They have a go about Kat crying and how it has to stop then when she comes out to apologise for it they go "Don't worry you can't control who you are". How two faced!!!

Dale. Dale would be better if someone stripped him naked and but a gag in his mouth. He is such a knob.

Mo. Mo. Mo. I don't dislike him, but he is a little awkward isn't he?

Rex. So up his own arse, but at least he seems slightly sensible.

Stuart. Bland, bland, bland.

Michael. Wow. He's even more insane than I though.

Rachael. Nice. An actual nice person! Shocking!!

Darnell. Nice, a little volatile, but nice.

Here are my predictions.

Jen will go tomorrow, Rebecca will go next week. Dale and Stuart will either start getting it on or will kill each other. And hopefully Darnell, Rachael and Kat will make it to the end.



  1. Anonymous10:42 am

    I agree with much of your Big Brother analysis. However, I don't think rex is up his arse not do i think Mo is anywhere awkward.

    Much of the criticism of Rex has been that he's always talking about his business which certainly doesn't come across to me, but even if it did, so what: let's applaud success for once and not immediately take this very British stance of anyone who achieves something must be knocked back down again.

    Also, I do feel Mo can't be himself and he's having to act with such hyper-sensitivity, so I guess that could be mistaken for awkwardness.

  2. I agree the awkwardness may be from his inability to really be himself. The abuse he has suffered in the house has been disgusting. When Dennis pulled him up for some "homophobic" infraction (admitting to having laughed at homophobic jokes in the past) I almost wanted to hunt Dennis down and punch him. Bullying Mo was not cool.

    It's not Rex talking about his business that make me think he's a bit arrogant. I think that's cool. It's his general attitude to others, his aloofness and his terrible temper. That's not to say I dislike him. I actually think he's one of the more clued up and sensible housemates in there.

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