Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Weekend Is Over - Hurrah!

We've had the kids this weekend. Woo! I don't really mind them... they're quite amusing. However there is one part I hate about them being here... no not that you dirty minded people... but I'm too much of a gentleman to bring it up here. Let's just say I'm glad it's over.

Oh and for Nick... here is every kind of homosexual insult I can find...

Gay, chutney ferret, poo pusher, uphill gardener, shit stabber, turd burglar, shirt lifter, fudge packer, chod nobber, arse bandit, sodite, sod, bugger, "nature has played a cruel trick on him", not as other men, pederast, fag, faggot, sausage jockey, driver of the chocolate motorway, queer, homosexual, backpassage stalker, gentleman's gentleman, toilet trader, Quentin, Marmite driller, brown pipe engineer, plumber who comes in the tradesman's entrance, one who bowls from the Pavilion end, brown hatter, one who tarnishes his bobbies helmet, rear gunner, rear admiral, pork swordsman, tail gunner, pusher of the cheesy wheelbarrow, wind jammer, navigator of the windward pass, gender bender, one who strolls down the Bourneville Boulevard, botter, pillow biter, sponge, stone, chocolate speedway rider, man who rears the chocolate starfish, ginger beer, hoop stretcher, jobby jouster, kakpipe cosmonaut, muddy funster, one who prefers to dock with the rear unloading bay.

I think Polari says it best though...

"Is he so?"

Jim has got me obsessed with NCIS. It's a brilliant show. I'm also totally obsessed with Abby (see Paulys blog). She is the coolest character EVER created on the face of this Earth. I think I want to marry her... :o)

My family tree is up to 209 people!


  1. Hahahaha...

    The Elbow of Doom!

    I guess our heads do get in the way of someone your height. That made me laugh. I'll be back, to have a read.


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