Friday, September 08, 2006

Looking Ahead

My life right now is kinda of... treading water. My job currently pays well but is completely unfulfilling. I'm not looking for 100% satisfaction here but a little bit would be nice.

So yesterday morning was spent reading the UCAS clearing list wistfully and I MUST APPLY FOR CLEARING NEXT YEAR AND THAT IS FINAL! Back to university for me... even if I can't afford it. I need to move on.

Bowling last night. Elephant and Castle was it's usual forbidding self. I won a teddy bear though for the second week running which made the trip more than worth it. I was joined at bowling by Sam America, Nic and Kallie from work; Tamara formerly from work; and John and Vixie formerly of the Join Me Brighton Meet and other adventures. I won a game! Yet again. My bowling is sooo much better than it used to be. Was ruthlessly mocked all night by a Nic and Vixie double act. I didn't speak to Nic for one whole second in total protest at this hideous lack of respect. ;o)

Today my blog was top of the blogs in the London Lite newspaper. I would like to thank... me! Oh and you, of course, Dear Constant Reader.


  1. Have you done research on th eimplications of being a mature student and at what age that starts?

    My cousin's son went to Uni a year ago at the age of 26 and he's really pleased that he left it to that age (as opposed to 19, which he had originally planned). He has no great desire to get involved in wild student partying and can focus on studying when he's supposed to and continue his existing social life which is considerably less wild than it was a few years earlier.

    I thnaked him for making me feel old, seeing as I remember him as a bump and now he's a mature student!

  2. I start at Greenwich Uni in 2 weeks. Money is far better than it used to be for a mature student. nearly £8000 for the year now due to loand and grants, go for it.

  3. Well I haven't done any research on being a mature student but on my last course at uni there was 4 or 5 people of my age and the rest were mature (most over 30). So I'm not worried about being a mature student... It'd be fun.

    Hey Lee, good luck, if you ever pass a 6'10 guy in the street in town, that's me... so say hi! :o)

  4. Jae, will do. And if you ever see an ambulance driving on 2 wheels through Greenwich screaming that will be me :-)

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