Monday, September 25, 2006

Ask Jae

Anything you want to know?


  1. 1. Are you enjoying life in South London rather than South cost?

    2. Do you think we'd look funny snogging since you are a giant and I'm a Hobbit?

    totally random them :o)

  2. 1. Have you ever posed naked? (thought that was apt considering the fit fella on this post)

    2. My memory may be a little lapse here but have we ever seen a pic of that fella of yours Jim on here? I don't believe I've ever seen him and I'm beginning to think he may be a figment of your imagination! ;op

    3. Favourite all time Buffy episode?

    4. Daddy or Chips ?

    5. If you could eradicate one person off the face of the earth who would it be?

  3. I know something i would ask, could you show anymore? :P

  4. How often do you work out?
    Well carved body, great Abs

  5. Flipper (and possibly Prince) That's not me silly!!! I WISH! Ok... no I don't... I wish I was married to him... ;op

    James 1) Yes... I'm much happier here in London than I was in Folkestone. I think that's more to do with Jim than with location.

    2) I think that would be most amusing. :)

    Poetx 1) NEVER! They passed a law against it in 1998 called the Protection of Human Sanity Act after one old lady went mad after a glimpse of my knee. Seriously I hate how I look no way would I do a naked shoot!

    2) Go to my flickr page Should be a picture on there (don't tell him though or he'll make me take them down!)

    3) Hush was great but I loved the Pack.. Xander was sexy as a hyena... Sorry but it's true.

    4) Chips!!!

    5) President Mugabe to give the people of Zimbabwe a chance!

  6. Sorry.. try here for my flickr account!

  7. Nothing to ask but I do want to compliment you on your taste in pics. ;)

  8. ABBA or Abbacadabra?

  9. Abba! I'll let you into a secret... my favourite Abba song is "One of us". Love that song...

    Oh Flotis! Uncut of course!

  10. omg thats just so hot jae... stop it.. omg... omg omg...

    i think i just came.

  11. Anonymous2:50 pm

    Hi! I will just ask you if you want to have sex with me please. Iwant it very much.

  12. hmmm... old anonymous commenting...

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