Friday, September 22, 2006

I Love You Dear Constant Reader

I have become lax this week with posting. I've been taken up in the genealogy craze that's sweeping... my chair... and just can't find the time to blog. I will find the time! I now have 148 names on my tree and the list seems to grow by about 50% everytime I really focus. It's much easier than I thought.

In the real world... what is it with stupid people? Do they think they can somehow get away with it, without being stared at viciously? This morning I join the queue at the train station ticket machine. Hmm... that guy in front is taking his time... HE ISN'T EVEN BUYING A TICKET... just browsing... oh he spots the queue behind him... he wanders off to read some "important" notice without even a by or leave getting into everyone elses way as best he can.

This is why I am against gun control.

Last night I went out to the Benihana in Swiss Cottage for Nicks birthday along with Sam America, Kallie, Nicks girlfriend Alex and some girl from Utah... Why am I always the only Brit at these things? Hmm... We had difficulty finding it until a helpful bus shelter appeared which gave directions (the world truely is a marvellous place). I was promised a fine dining experience with fire and excitement. I was also hoping for a cute Japanese chef (you know how I love Asian men). I got none of the above (our chefs name was Adam and he wasn't cute/Japanese). The food was good. The service was great (and the waiter was fairly cute). But it was a big let down. I wish people wouldn't build things up... I have low expectations, so if you don't build things up for me I will enjoy it! ;)

Breasts... now this is random... am I the only person who doesn't really notice them? I mean I notice them on a woman just as I notice... say... ears. But I rarely find them distracting, or even note worthy. I have friends with large breasts (hey Becky!) and really it's just not an issue. I mention this because last night a woman wandered into Benihanas with huge breasts. I wouldn't have noticed unless Sam hadn't sat there going... "OH MY GOD... I can't stop looking at her breasts". Everyone was at it. I gave her a look but really... not that interesting. Give me HUGE arms any day of the week...


  1. I don't find breasts that interesting, but neither do I really like winkies either. I much prefer a man in his pants and preferably not too tight or too white.

  2. I agree that a man need not be too white. But a little too tight can be lots of fun.

    Jae, good luck with the job search. Any chance for a high paying position as a judge for the Eurovision Song Contest?

  3. I am big fan of penis'... I'm thus against pants on principle.

    Eurovision? If only!

  4. Down with pants!

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