Monday, September 11, 2006

Buffy - I Love You

I watched Buffy last night (I haven't seen that IN AGGGGGGGGGGGGEs) and remembered something... Buffy RULES. I know I sound like a geeky fanboy. But God. I remember when watching Buffy was my only escape from my oh so typically depressed teenage life. It was the main shared love between me and Stephen (although he wanted to be a vampire and I wanted to marry Xander, that relationship was doomed wasn't it?). The gorgeous men (I defo like the geeky types... Xander, Andrew... but hey Angel and Riley had their places in my heart too). The jokes. Tara and Willow (thank God for the best gay couple on telly ever).

What really stands out is that Nicholas Brendon is my only ever non real person crush (i.e. I've never seen him in the flesh) ! Now as I tend to get crushes as often as most people get hot dinners that's quite an achievement! I love you Nicholas Brendon and all those at Buffy for making my teenage years that little bit more tolerable.


  1. Oh yes Xander was without doubt the hottest of the Slayerettes. Even when he started filling out in the later series I still wanted to do unspeakable things with my tongue to him !!

    Do you remember the episode when the swim team were being turned into fish men and Xander went 'undercover' and joined the team? I must find that photo of him in just those trunks!!

  2. That's my second favourite Xander moment. The first is when he gets the mind of a hyena and becomes all animalistic and tough... SWOON!

  3. You are so write about tara and Willow being the best gay couple on TV. Actually, I think they are the best couble on TV, gay or not. I love their "magick" and how they bond through that. I am a big fan of Buffy as well and I just bought seasons 1-7 a few weeks ago. Message me so we can talk one time:

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