Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Very Random Series of Events

Yesterday I was pleased to find out I had become a member of Nic's "Kingdom of Losers". Pleased? To be a loser? He basically described a loser as someone who was happy being a little nerdy and not someone who was image obsessed and arrogant. I don't mind that tag at all. In fact I was made a member of the council and renamed Chief Sparkling Water. :)

Ickle Ben texted me today to ask if I wanted to meet up some time this week. I haven't seen him in donkeys years and that would be fab.

Combat Sam also texted me. We've got the kids this coming weekend so I'm a little busy but I'll come down to Folkestone and see you soon!

Today we got up early (*SOB*) and headed to Hemel to pick up Ian and Becka. We then proceeded to drive. And drive. And drive all the way to within kissing distance of Wales to see the Red Bull Air Race. However when we were 30 miles from Longleat we discovered the end of the queue. Deciding it would be foolhardy to sit in the traffic and seeing the weather turning we decided just to get lunch and drive ALL the way back.

We pulled off the road and opened our picnic basket to discover... more food than we could eat in a week!! Sandwiches, a GIANT pork pie, crisps, chocolate eclairs, chocolate muffins, Caramels, Rocky bars, sausage rolls, sausages... we barely ate half and still felt full!! As anyone will tell you I rarely feel full...

Hours later we arrived in St Albans and dropped the kids off at Castaway Kids, a play area/childhood fantasy land of greatness. I wish I'd had one of those places near me when I was shorter than 4'10" (sizeism is evil...).

We are now home, and tired and glad to find the air race was cancelled anyway... we feel much better about turning away.

Tomorrow I'm not doing anything... at all. It's amazing how tiring sitting in a car and doing nothing for 8 hours can be.

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