Saturday, September 09, 2006

5 Years On

Yesterday I watched Discovery's Inside The Twin Towers. It tells the story I've been wanting to hear... what happened to those inside the buildings on September 11th?

It starts at the beginning of an ordinary day... and then proceeds through the events we all know too well. The North Tower, the South Tower, the collapses. Inside not everyone makes it out. Watching this documentary is totally heartbreaking and reminds us of the brutal truth of what happened that day... people were murdered in a hideously scary manner.

As it is confirmed one last time that Saddam was not behind the attacks I wonder why nobody seems to care about finding Osama Bin Laden. Bush and Blair barely mention catching Bin Laden, it's all about Iraq and the Taliban. How can the American public have let their Commander in Chief off so lightly for not bringing to justice the man behind the attacks? How can they defend him over the Iraq War when it's been 5 years since the attacks and he hasn't used EVERY ounce of America's strength to seek out Osama?

Tony Blair is leaving office. Is it not time he stopped doing what Bush wants and spends the last year of his term of office using Britain's forces to find Osama? 67 Britons died. Who's seeking justice for them?

Why is no one asking these questions?


  1. Good question(s).

    Blogmad hit!

  2. My guess would be that to kill Osama Bin Ladin would give him martyr status and thus increase his effectiveness. On the other hand to capture him and bring him to trial would expose to a global audience just how deeply involved with him various US adminstrations have been as they have used his status as a CIA Asset in Afganistan, Somelia and the Sudan during the global conflct with the Soviet Union.

    Then a third possibility might be that because of his family connections in Saudi Arabia and their intermarriages with that Royal Family that to catch him or kill him would interfere with the objectives of that kingdom in the middle east and damage the alliances with Britian and the US where the Petro Markets are concerned.

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