Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thanks for all the... erm... stuff

Tony Blair made his final Labour Party Conference speech of his premiership... hopefully.

When Mr Blair took power I was 14, I'd grown up in a Tory household and I was worried he'd destroy the Union. But gradually, as I learnt a little more about the Tories and lot more about myself, I fell head over heels for the New Labour Government. Here was a group that was dedicated to fighting poverty, bringing about equal rights and rebuilding the toothless House of Lords back to a working part of our democracy (hey it'd only been 90 odd years waiting for a good kick up the bum).

How did Mr Blair do? Erm... ok. He started off great but he has since lost his direction.

Who cares about fighting poverty when you can fight the bad guys with our American cousins?

Equal rights? Equal, but different is Tony's way. I hope one day people will realise civil partnerships are just scraps thrown at the gay community to keep them quiet (and keep the religious bigots happy). And they overly complicate things. I got a letter the other day about my pension. Reading it is difficult because every time it mentions marriage it has to also mention civil partnerships (i.e. your husband/wife/civil partner... widow, widower and surviving partner of a civil partnership). What a hash job!

And rebuilding the House of Lords? Hell why not just fill it with cronies? YAY!

Goodbye Mr Blair... it's time for a change.


  1. I'm not keen on New Labour for lots of reasons however I'm not so into equal rights as you. The way I see it - we (gays) are a minority so I don't expect equal rights. The Hungarians do things right. they have a beautiful country which isn't affected by every minority demanding to be the same. Even their disability law is easy - if you're unfortunate enough to be disabled you will find life difficult. We won't be giving you access to every shop or making special busses - you're disabled - live with it. It works very well over there and no one looks upon the Hungarians as being backwards.

    I know you wont agree and I respect your view. But that's just how I feel.

  2. When I talk about equal rights I don't mean the leftie liberal sort.

    I believe that everyone has the right to be a free individual. Shop keepers should be able to serve who they want, clubs should be able to allow only certain types of people and hey if someone wants to be mean to the disabled I'm all for that as long it's on their own property.

    When I say equal rights I mean that straight people and gay people and everyone else is treated the same by the Government (who we all pay equally). And as a libertarian I'd rather the Government did have too much to do with our lives... but as they do they better start treating us the same.

    And I'm totally against the very concept of marriage... again just think if I have to pay taxes to pay for marriage tax breaks I want everyone to be able to get married.

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